20 Uses Of A Storage Container

Storage containers are invaluable to many industries – but just what are they used for? Our list looks at just a fraction of their possible uses, from building site storage to classic car protection.

1.Building site storageToolShed-MobileMini130416-6258
Storage containers can be used to securely and safely store tools, materials, and other construction site accessories, deterring any would-be thieves.

2.School – storing text books or PE Equipment
Schools may choose to use a storage contTeesside-Uni-1-1ainer to store sports equipment or text books. Storage containers can be extremely useful between exam periods as a 10 foot container could hold up to 250 foldable exam desks.

3.People downsizing their home
Downsizing can make cleaning your home easier, save money and improve your family atmosphere, but during a move you could use a container to store your possessions while they aren’t in your home.

4.Hotel storageresidentail-copy-971x1024
Did you know that Hotels often have lots of rooms left empty simply for storing things like sheets, cleaning equipment and staff uniforms? Storage containers can be used on a permanent basis by hotels or as a temporary solution to free up rooms during busy periods.

5.Offices to store old files/archives
Containers can provide a secure storage solution to the problem of finding space to archive old files or confidential documents.

6.Family renovating their homeMILLENIUM-STADIUM-Rugby-World-Cup-2015-Gillian-Knight
During renovation work, containers can be used to store furniture or possessions during building work or interior revamping.


7.A sports club to store equipment when not in use or out of season
Whether it’s storing goal nets, hockey sticks or rugby tackle dummies, a storage container can provide a flexible, affordable way to keep equipment safe when not in use.

8.Expanding e-commerce business not ready to commit to a larger warehouse
A storage container can be the perfect way to store stock if the owner is not yet ready to commit to a warehouse storage space – for example, one successful e-commerce business uses our Sunderland facility to store its products.

9.Hospital secure storage of medical equipment and medicine
Medicine and medical supplies are a vital part of a hospital, and a storage container is the ideal way to keep surplus provisions safe.

10.Transporting goods in long distance house move
You’d be hard pushed to find a removal van service which will help you to move abroad, but did you know that you can fit the entire contents of a home into a 20 ft container?

11.Garden shed
Why not use a storage container instead of a traditional garden shed?

Storage containers play a massive part in the sea freight industry, especially when transporting goods from Asia, Europe and Africa to the Americas or other continents.

ship-2-copy13.Farm storage
Barns can be expensive, and are quite easy to break in to – a storage container can securely hold tools or machinery for less money than it would cost to build a secure building.

14.Valuables/ art collection storage
You can use a storage container to keep valuables or collections safe, especially if you don’t want to keep them around the house, if you have children or in case of a burglary.

15.Additional storage for museums/art galleries
Museums have archives of items and artefacts which take up large amounts of building space – these rooms could be replaced by containers, freeing up the rooms to be used for other things, like cafes or shops.

16.Dangerous chemical storage – special type of container
Containers can hold chemicals, although they must be built to a strict set of specifications, in order to comply with Environmental Agency and HSE standards.

17.Secure luxury car/classic car storagestorage_car
Cars can be safely stored in containers, as their secure nature allows owners to leave cars in storage with confidence – whether it’s a £3 million Bugatti or an All-American Mustang, storage containers can keep it safe.

18.Vineyard / distillery waiting for product to mature
Barrel and Cask storage often takes up a lot of space in factories or distilleries. Wine especially can take years to mature, and keeping it in a storage container, rather than rooms can save money and time.

19.Film studios / theatres storing props and costumes
Especially during peak times or seasons, theatres can have thousands of costumes and props which need to be stored safely and securely when not in use. To maximise available set space, film studios could also use a container instead of a costume department, which may take up several rooms or even buildings.

20.Armoury for military/security services
Storage containers can be used for storage of weapons and other security or military supplies – they are lockable and are perfect for keeping out unauthorised users.


Whether you own a film studio or are just looking for somewhere to store your lawnmower, the flexible, affordable and secure nature of our storage containers make them the perfect solution for all of your storage needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help.