A Day in the Life of Regional Sales Manager Adam Birkitt

We caught up with Adam Birkitt, Regional Sales Manager in the South East Area to see what a typical busy day looks like for him!



I wake up a little earlier as my daughter normally rises around 6:30am so it gives me a chance to get ready for the day before my daddy duties.

I jump straight in the shower; it wakes me up and it’s always great to start the day feeling fresh!



My travels are so different day-to-day, most of the week I’m based at one of the 3 depots within my region; London, Thames Valley and East Anglia, so it could be anything from 1hour to 2 ½ hours each way depending on how kind the M25 is.

Other days I might be out on the road with a regional account manager and spending time face to face with our clients or involved in sales manager meetings normally in the midlands or at our Support Centre in Stockton on Tees.

I always tend to drive, although if I have meetings in Central London you’ll often see me on the underground.

I have the ‘feeling good’ playlist on repeat on my phone, so each morning while I’m driving in to work it’s hard not to feel positive when you’re listening to the sweet sounds of Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles and Tina Turner. Perfect to get you feeling motivated!



My first jobs for the day are to assess the previous days performance, review units booked, look at the order pipeline, outbound activity levels and other daily disciplines.

After all of that I’ll send out key daily communications to the team before picking up with people individually to simply catch up with them or support them with any issues.


11:00am-1:00pm rsz_20190619_152708

The most important part of my role is to inspire and lead the team: for me it starts with me being honest, energetic, appreciative, approachable and leading with the heart each day.

My tasks can vary between interviewing candidates or hosting assessment days, inducting new people into the business, assessing data to spot trends enabling our people to succeed, and 1-1 coaching to help build their confidence.

My favourite daily activity is being shoulder to shoulder with my people and supporting them to do what they do best and provide our clients with great service.



As I’m not a breakfast person I take my lunch time very seriously. Sometimes I bring in tasty leftovers from meals my wife and I have cooked the night before. I spend a lot of time on the road so from time to time I do treat myself and go to a service station on my route to get a nice hot sandwich and a cup of coffee.



There’s nothing better than getting out and meeting our clients face to face, I love meeting new people and hearing about them, their needs and their experiences with Mobile Mini!

My daily miles can be anything from 75 to over 150 depending on the branch or clients we have planned to see. I enjoy driving and I spend about 2 hours on the phone a day, so I make my time work for me.



I normally finish work somewhere between 5:30 pm and 6 pm, once I’ve made the commute home, I’ll box off any urgent emails that may have come through whilst travelling.



I work to spend quality time with my family, and the best relaxation for me is just being around them; from bathing and reading my daughter Amelia her bedtime story, to cooking dinner and catching up with my wife Rebecca.

I also play 6 a side football every Wednesday which is great to catch up with friends and get some exercise. I have a big passion for football, I’m a season ticket holder at my beloved West Ham United. I love it because it’s something I do with my Dad and life’s about making memories.



I usually go to bed at 11pm because Film4 start movies at 9pm. I’ll be honest I’m a sucker for watching movies… Once I’ve started watching it, I just can’t not see how it ends, however great or poor the movie may be.