Lifting and Operations

We have a team of fully trained and qualified Lifting and Operations Specialists to support even the most complex site installations.

Our SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality) Team are experts in the safe delivery and installation of units to site. With a comprehensive view to delivering customer satisfaction in line with our own quality expectations. Our SHEQ teams have all been trained and are qualified to provide expert advice regarding customer site installations of varying complexities. The team work in tangent with our sales representatives to provide a hassle-free process for our customers mitigating risks and ensuring safety is paramount. The SHEQ team are spread nationwide to provide regional support for our customers.



Part of the process when delivering our product is assessing the potential hazards that the delivery driver/crane operators may be challenged with. To remove any risks the completion of a hazard assessment form shall be completed.

For larger more complicated site setups, a member of our fully qualified and experienced regional operations and lifting team are available to offer support. To support our operations teams further, we have introduced a system to conduct full comprehensive site visits with a rigorous question set highlighting any potential risks