Our own fleet of lorry mounted loader crane vehicles is one of the largest in the industry and all our drivers are fully trained and certified in accordance with all current health and safety legislation and the relevant British Standards. We always put safety first. We are 100% committed to the health and safety of our customers, employees and members of the public.

For 8 years now we have successfully achieved a gold award for our fleet of HGV delivery vehicles in the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), an initiative operated by Transport for London. The FORS accreditations scheme aims to drive up standards amongst commercial vehicle operators throughout the UK and requires fleet operators to demonstrate meaningful improvements in safety, environmental impact and efficiency in order to be awarded the gold level.


In all vehicles, we have implemented a Scania telematics system that records and monitors; braking, acceleration, time in idle and more. In 2019 we recorded a drop in our CO2 output from 1.04kg of CO2 per kilometre travelled, to 0.97kg.

Our newly acquired trucks in 2020 are demonstrating a 2% fuel improvement leading to a further reduction in our CO2 pollution. All of our new vehicles have installed full 360 cameras that ensure blind spot elimination to protect vulnerable road users and SMUK’s Halo system which highlights VRUs when a vehicle is turning left – the most dangerous spot for VRUs by illumination of the area and with an audible alarm feature.