At Mobile Mini we have a range of additional accessories that can be either added to your units or on to your site as an additional extra.

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Our range of extras includes:

  • Container Lighting - Perfect for your container, this portable LED bar has an Ultra Bright lighting output and multi-angled magnets making it easy to suspend from ceilings, walls or doors.
  • Absorpoles - With our fluctuating weather in the UK, changing temperatures and moisture. It can prove challenging to maintain a condensation free environment in a secure steel container, regardless of it being 100% weatherproof. So, if you have delicate valuables or materials stored in a container, we recommend that you minimise potential condensation with an Absorpole, which take seconds to install, providing maximum peace of mind for you. *For maximum effectiveness to minimise any potential condensation build up, we recommend an Absorpole for every 10ft of storage.
  • Container racking - Simple, secure and effective racking. Installed quickly by a member of our experienced team. Which provides expert storage for your important contents. Ideal for tools, archive documents and any valuables which you would like off the floor. Speak to a member of our team when you place a container order with us and we can arrange prior to delivery.
  • Pipe racking - Simple, secure and effective pipe racking. Which does exactly what it says and it is an extremely cost effective way to secure your valuable pipes.
  • Container lighting - The most cost effective way to illuminate your container to extend safe use 24 hours per day. This cost effective solution is magnetic, allowing you to place the light in any part of our steel container and it is fully rechargeable to ensure that you never lose light. The light can be purchased from us and it is something that you can keep for all future projects. It is much more of a cost effective solution, than a full electrical installation.
  • Solar floodlights - Exactly the same as our fantastic floodlight, with the added benefit of self charging via solar technology. Giving you one less thing to think about. Simply install in minutes and that’s it.
  • Doorstays - Even though our secure container doors are the strongest in the industry. Our volatile weather in the UK can result in strong winds. Our robust container door stays have been designed by our Mobile Mini expert technical team, to prevent our heavy steel doors blowing shut and potentially causing serious injury to you and your team. For total peace of mind, please ensure that you request a door stay with any container hire and protect your team and your business, from an avoidable accident and any resulting potential injury claim.
  • White Goods - To compliment your unit further, we offer the following white goods: Fridge, Microwave, Burco Boiler, Hydroboil / Zip Boiler.

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