Site Accommodation

Mobile Mini’s secure and portable site accommodation units for hire provide a range of on-site facilities, including portable offices, canteens, toilets and showers, drying rooms and more. Our site accommodation units are available in a number of sizes and layouts, to serve all your requirements.

Drying Rooms

Our drying rooms provide on-site changing facilities, ideal for workforces exposed to wet weather. All drying rooms are fitted with benches, coat hooks and heaters for comfort and anti-vandal locks and window shutters for security. FIND OUT MORE.


Set up a functional and comfortable on-site office, with lighting and electrics provided and lockable steel window shutters for security. Sizes of up to 32x10ft are available, with internal fittings tailored to your requirements. FIND OUT MORE.


Our canteens make sure there’s a secure, warm and dry place for your staff to take a break. Ideal for larger workforces and longer projects, tables, chairs, water heaters, sinks, cupboards and worktops can be added to units of varying sizes. FIND OUT MORE.

Static Welfare Units

Our self-contained welfare units are purpose-built for use in remote locations or sites without electricity or water. Facilities can include canteens, toilets, drying rooms, water tanks and more. FIND OUT MORE.

Toilets and Showers

Our portable toilets and showers provide an essential part of on-site health and safety requirements, as well as conforming to Considerate Construction guidelines. We offer a variety of sizes, with options for unisex or separate facilities. FIND OUT MORE.

Groundhog Units

The most energy-efficient unit of its kind on the market, like static welfare these units are completely self-contained with the added benefit of being easily towed and secured in less than 3 minutes. FIND OUT MORE.

Elite Units

Built to a high spec with the addition of environmentally-friendly features, our Elite units offer the very best in comfort while helping you to reduce your energy bills. FIND OUT MORE.

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