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Health and Safety

We are incredibly proud to say that we managed to progress through 2020 with ZERO reportable incidents across our entire UK operation. This is due to the unwavering commitment and dedication to safety demonstrated by our people. And it doesn’t stop at 2020, we currently stand at 13 months and counting, without any reportable accidents.

Several people from around the business have spoken about what this achievement means to them:

Andrew Thompson, Managing Director, “Keeping our teams, customers and the public safe is our most important focus. To achieve zero reportable incidents for over 13 months now makes me incredibly proud.

It is testament to our outstanding operational leadership and constant desire to continuously improve. Especially as we conduct over a quarter of a million heavy lifts and cover the equivalent distance to travelling to the moon 8 times, every single year!”

Simon Gray, Head of Northern Region, “To me this achievement means that we have kept our staff safe during 2020. Our leadership in creating a strong safety culture has resulted in excellent employee engagement, which is critical.

I am proud of how Mobile Mini has taken such extensive measures to maintain a safe working environment in 2020. We have done so well but we must never become complacent and continually look for improvements. We are currently investing in a more thorough system to record and manage ‘near misses’ – the warning alarm for a future accident.

Stevie Dee, Head of National Sales, “Information provided by the SHEQ team is invaluable, certainly from a sales perspective. The Lifting Operations team spend time with new recruits within the business, training them on the basics, what could go wrong and what to look out for. I really feel this has a positive effect on the conversations our salespeople have with customers and has built real confidence.”

Tim Mackay, North East Branch Manager, “This achievement highlights to me that we are doing our jobs correctly. We work together and look after one another, making this a safe company to work for. We live and breathe reporting near misses and unsafe events. We have an unbelievable team at Mobile Mini, we come to work with a smile on our face and leave the same way.”

Andrew Himsworth, Health and Safety Advisor, “This gives me a sense of achievement, not only personal, but more so at the branches for their hard working and resilient staff. To do this in unparalleled time is marvellous. The demand on staff to not only avoid the spread of the virus but also work with reduced numbers in vital roles was amazing.”

Nick Sesevic, Lifting Operations Manager, “This achievement means we are doing something right, not just one person or one department, but as a business. It points out the culture and attitude adopted by everyone at Mobile Mini UK. May the trend continue!”

Anthony Man, Lifting Operations Manager, “Zero reportable incidents means that we have a level of engagement from everyone and we strive for all employees to go home safe and sound every single day. Being part of the UK SHEQ team, led by Chris Watcham, gives me great pride that I can help shape the health and safety culture to maintain zero reportable incidents going forward.”

Barry Clarkson, Lifting Operations Manager, “Zero reportable accidents in 2020 is a fantastic achievement, and is the result of years of hard work and determination to put a safety culture in place in every part of the business. Without engagement and contributions from our entire workforce, this would not have been possible.”

Tony Jones, SHEQ, “This achievement just shows how committed we are to keep the Mobile Mini family safe. This was down to everyone in the business, with the help from the SHEQ team who are always behind the scenes trying to find a better solution. At work I feel as safe as a triple stack of units installed by Mobile Mini on a gantry on a windy day!”

Tanya Turner, SHEQ, “To me this means that we are doing everything right. Communication and support are paramount, as well as working together, monitoring and training throughout the business. I feel very safe working for Mobile Mini, and being part of the SHEQ Team I have become more aware in myself and obtained greater knowledge through the support, training and involvement provided by my manager.”

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