Zombie Apocalypse Storage Containers


Zombie apocalypse-proof storage containers are 8′ wide, 8′ 6″ high and 20′ long, and equip the cautious civilian and their trusted partner with everything they may need to survive an onslaught of the undead. These special reinforced-steel containers are split in two, offering storage facilities for supplies and ammunition to the front and living quarters to the rear. Standard features include:

  • Weighted roof to prevent movement by the sheer power of a horde.
  • Attractive red wipe-clean wallpaper to mask and easily deal with blood spattering
  • Rainwater capture system to provide consistent supply of running water
  • Soundproofing walls throughout – dual benefit of preventing attention from outside and maintaining sanity inside by muting the incessant moaning of the undead
  • State-of-the-art, noise-reduced power generator to provide steady flow of electricity throughout the container
  • Tinned food storage, fully stocked with a wide variety of tinned goods
  • 2x ammunition stores and separate weapon rack
  • Escape hatch in the roof for a quick and agile exit
  • Heavyweight security doors fitted with our exclusive and patented Tri-Cam Locking System
  • Double glazed windows throughout with lockable steel window shutters
  • Security keypad to prevent unwanted access to living quarters from store
  • Exercise bike to provide much-needed exercise during a prolonged apocalypse
  • Extra-wide security treadmill protected by 3x Gatling gun station – in the unlikely event a horde advances through the main entrance doors, the treadmill/Gatling combination will ensure a satisfactory end to a potentially hazardous situation

The standard zombie apocalypse-proof storage units will be available for pre-order soon. If our standard option does not meet the exacting specifications of your pre-prepared zombie apocalypse survival plan, please request a quote to discuss any further requirements.

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