Bloggers Get Creative for Santa’s Grotto – Storage Container Style!

We recently launched our exciting competition which challenged a host of crafty and creative bloggers to put their festive ingenuity to the test by designing their own Santa’s Grotto – using a Mobile Mini storage unit blueprint as their starting point!


So, with £300 worth of vouchers up for grabs – and the coveted title of Mobile Mini’s Number One Grotto Designer, of course – let’s take a peek into some of the Christmassy (and wonderfully crackers) entries we’ve received so far…


First up, welcome to the magical world of The Crumby Mummy’s edible Santa’s grotto. Charlotte (whose blog you can read here) admits she got slightly carried away with her theme, but we’re certainly glad she did! From the melted white chocolate ceiling to the biscuit floor tiles, we couldn’t get enough of her sweet shop-inspired entry. What’s more, Charlotte’s musing that it may have to be pretend food because “if Santa sat on a Swiss roll sofa he may never get back up” had us ho ho ho-ing like the big man himself. Edilble Santas Grotto


Next, let us introduce you to a fantastic entry we received from Carrie over at Time to be an Adult. Informed by a healthy few hours of Pinterest research, Carrie’s grotto brought together all things Christmas as she used hers to create the perfect outdoors wonderland. Lots of snow, wood and a warm, cosy cabin for Santa to sit in make up this fantastic design, and we don’t know about you but here at Mobile Mini HQ, we’d love to take a walk in that fluffy white snow and sit in one of those plush-looking armchairs.

Santa's Grotto


We’ll end our round-up of entries so far with this homage to upcycling from Jenny over at The Gingerbread House. Jenny also hit Pinterest to find her inspiration – creating her very own board brimming with lovely things she’d put in the grotto. We have to agree that handmade decorations – created from items such as old books, pudding moulds and thread spools – would make fantastic additions to a festive retreat, and we absolutely love the recycled cork sofa and Jenny’s Liberty baubles.


We can hardly wait to see which other entries we receive, but for now, we hope the ones we’ve shared with you have ignited even more of that festive spirit – and we’d like to say a big thank you to all our entrants so far.


Stay tuned to find out what the winning grotto looks like, and have a very merry Christmas!