Box clever with a container this festival season

There is a festival or outdoor event for every possible interest, hobby or pastime these days. Of course, music and food festivals are the most popular but add film, comic book, bushcraft and beer to the mix, and there is something for everyone.


As you would expect, festivals require lots of equipment, products and people to make an event a success. Storage can be challenge, if not an outright problem, if not planned in advance. For example, festivalgoers at Creamfields can get through an amazing 1,257km of loo roll during the event, which has to be on hand to keep up with demand.


Equipment such as staging, catering, tools or props needs to be stored safely and securely. Event staff are usually based on site and therefore require office or meeting space. Which is why a container or portable accommodation unit is the perfect solution for both products and people. But they can offer so much more in terms of benefits.



Mobile accommodation units offer flexibility and convenience as they can be located on site, providing ideal venues for offices, canteens and meeting spaces for conducting event business. They can also be used by staff as changing rooms and feature lockers and drying facilities, saving time on travel.


Size matters

Containers come in all different sizes and can be stacked to create height for sector walls or create separate areas for an event. A great idea for making distinct areas for visitors to wander around and take in the variety of attractions and activities.


Sounds great

Events can create lots of noise, even when located far from residential areas. Storage containers provide the perfect facility for hay bales which can help minimise sound in and around the area and keep the local community happy.


Consider your community

Festival organisers always take on board the possible effects on the neighbours and the environment when planning outdoor events. Units can be the ideal choice as they are installed and removed very quickly, with little lasting impact on the surrounding area.


From planning, site visits and contracts, to attendance at the event, feedback and follow up, we are there every step of the way.


At Mobile Mini we have experience in working with events’ organisers to meet every need and can assist you with your next festival, fair or fun-filled event.


If you’d like to know more about using our storage containers, get in touch with our friendly team by emailing or calling 0330 066 9946.