Box-fresh Grand Design

Container conversions are a favourite topic of ours, so you can imagine our excitement when we tuned in to Channel 4’s Grand Designs last night, to see farmer and architect Patrick Bradley design his dream home from four steel shipping containers.

His mum looked on horrified, as the shipping containers turned into their country lane, but we were inspired by Patrick’s vision and could fully understand his particular choice of material for his design project.

The inherent strength and durability, modular nature and relatively low cost of a shipping container makes them an attractive material for architects. Not mention the cost benefits and speed of which they can be constructed. Patrick was able to build his swish dream home for just £133,000 (£16,500 of which was spent on a state-of-the-art floating bath tub!).

There is also no compromise on creativity; the modular structure of a container means that they can be customised and combined in endless ways. Containers can be stacked and welded together, windows and doors can be cut into the metal were needed, and walls can be moved entirely and replaced with sliding doors or fronts. Plus, there is nothing to stop you from painting, decorating or cladding the surface of the container in eye-catching ways.

Container conversions also tick the sustainability and eco-friendly agenda. They are by nature a recycled material, energy efficient and the resources needed to build a storage container structure is often a fraction of those required by conventional building techniques.

So hats off to Patrick, we think he has done a great job turning his dream into a reality and long may he have many happy years in his new home.

Read more about Patrick’s story here:

If you, like us have been inspired by last night’s programme and would like help sourcing a shipping container or have any questions regarding a conversion, then please drop us a line.