Brilliant Branding: Creative Use of Storage Containers for Retail

Though storage containers have a very obvious practical purpose, we can’t help but love the more creative instances where brands have taken a humble unit and made it something entirely different.


Adidas recently used a storage container as the basis for a giant shoebox. Appearing in Shoreditch, London, the shoebox housed a pop-up shop for the sporty shoe brand – and that got us thinking. What other brands or products would we like to see create their own pop-up marketing campaigns from storage containers? Read on to discover our ponderings…




Cadbury’s Roses

Though you would have to get a little creative as to the orientation of the storage container, and add some shaped exterior cladding to create that iconic box, what could be better than a giant box of Cadbury’s Roses? Add in some giant chocolates, and you’ve got something we’d definitely want to see!

Amazon Locker

As we head towards the Christmas season, more and more of us are likely to be ordering bigger and bigger items. Amazon Lockers have popped up across the country to make receiving and returning ordered goods even easier (no more ‘sorry we missed you’ cards through the letterbox!), but we think there’s even more that could be done with this.

Imagine a collection of giant Amazon Lockers in the city centre – perfect for storing, well, everything you could possibly squeeze into one storage unit this Christmas! The only problem might be transporting it all home…


Almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has been bitten by the Tetris bug. With its very addictive quality, there are few things more satisfying than tessellating the oddly shaped cubes and rectangles and clearing your board – so imagine just how amazing this would be on a giant scale.

Though incredibly impractical, we’d love to see Tetris scaled-up, making use of storage containers and giant cranes.

Chanel No. 5

We might well be stretching the boundaries of what is reasonable to create in terms of using storage container units, but especially in the lead-up to the festive season, few things could be more appealing than a giant bottle of Chanel. The bottle shape could loosely be created from two storage units stacked upon each other – it would just take a great designer to create a façade to give the illusion of glass walls!

Have some inspirations of your own and would like help sourcing a shipping container or have any questions regarding a conversion, then please drop us a line.