Burger Bear: The Beginning

    Foodies may have already heard of Burger Bear, the start-up burger company launched by entrepreneur and food-lover Tom “the Burger Bear” Reaney earlier this year. Traveling around London and the UK in their Burger Bear van, the team has been delivering burgers at trade shows and restaurants for just a couple of years, but they’ve already built up a massive following. This year, they launched a crowdfunder to get their first restaurant set up – a “burger joint like no other, a diner-style disco paradise” in London’s up-and-coming Shoreditch area.

    We spotted the Kickstarter campaign in March and, being fans of a good burger ourselves, understood just what had to be done. In the spirit of encouraging entrepreneurship, we’re donating two 20-ft storage containers to the Burger Bear franchise, helping them to get their outlet set up as soon as possible – and allowing them to spend their well-earned budget on converting the boxes into a fantastic new diner!

    The storage containers are set to be stacked one on top of the other, giving the place plenty of floor space and lots of room for expansion upwards and outwards. The storage containers are also easily moved, so if the need to move to a new location should arise, they won’t have to put in all of the groundwork again – the diner can be picked up and placed (carefully) in its new location!

    As it stands, Burger Bear mastermind Tom is aiming for a mid-October launch, with the kitchen and woodwork parts going into the units we donated at the beginning of next month. For now, all the metalwork is finished – brilliant news – and we’re certain we’ll be enjoying a burger or two before long.

    We’ll be keeping you updated further on the conversion and launch of the new diner, and we hope you’ll share with us our excitement in being part of such a fantastic project. We can’t wait to see the finished product; our storage containers are a popular choice for catering, and with pop-up food stalls currently enjoying a boost in popularity across London (as well as elsewhere in the UK) this is a really exciting opportunity for us to see just what’s happening with our customers, and where we could be doing more to help.

    If you have any questions about the Burger Bear, storage container conversion, or any other queries, simply give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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