Business in a Box: The Advantages of Running a Small Business from a Storage Container

In our ever changing economy, starting up your own business can be a risk. There are a lot of things to consider, including high rental prices, tax, fixed contracts, limited space and expensive bills.

Starting up a new company or running a small business from a storage container is a good way to counter these problems; a less expensive alternative to renting or leasing a small store, yet still more professional and secure than running one from your garage or garden shed.

Self storage units provide small business owners with security, short notice periods, low overheads and instant changeability if you require more or less space. If a small business was to opt for a warehouse, they could end up paying for a large site that could be half full one day, overflowing the next.

Many of our self storage containers are used by small businesses, including e-commerce business, Wolfy Beds (   Wolfy Beds is a successful luxury dog bed company, selling pet beds and accessories. Company owner, Dave Wolfe, uses our self-storage units to store stock. When he gets a large delivery, the delivery driver goes straight to the branch and stores the goods in one of the units. Starting off with only one unit at the beginning of his venture, Dave has since expanded his stock and now occupies three 20ft storage containers and one 40ft container.

Dave says “From my experience, I would always choose a storage unit over a warehouse facility because of the versatility of being able to add or decrease the amount of units, depending on how much stock I have at the given time”.  He fully recommends the facility to small business owners and has always been happy with the service received from Mobile Mini.

Mobile Mini, helps small business owners meet their storage requirements in a flexible, cost effective manner through the hire of on-site storage containers.

Mobile Mini storage units are complete with:

  • Full steel, anti-vandal construction, with secure locking
  • Security systems installed on-site, safe-guarding your belongings
  • Parking directly outside storage units to make loading and unloading easy
  • Business hour access
  • Weekly contracts available at competitive rates

Photo caption:  L-R Dave Wolf with Mobile Mini Sunderland’s Branch Manager Shaun Johnson