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The team at AMCO Giffen were contracted by National Rail to complete some essential maintenance and strengthening works to the Kirkgate Station and Ings Road bridges in Wakefield. Due to the temporary nature of the work, and nocturnal requirements of the team, traditional office spaces were neither suitable nor available so a short-term solution was required. And what an arrangement of units! This year we provided 123 storage containers, ranging from 10ft to 20ft, and 46 accommodation units of mixed sizes.


With teams of up to 50 people working on the project at its peak, mainly overnight during the weekend, it was essential to ensure that all facilities were provided.

As such we installed:

  • Welfare facilities
  • A 32ft double-stacked unit complex to act as the briefing room and main office
  • A 32ft double-stacked unit complex to act as a canteen and drying room
  • A 24ft conference room to hold private meetings with senior teams and clients
  • Two 20ft storage units for equipment

Working on a very small site, it was important to understand the layout and requirements of the client meaning working as a team was vital. Site manager Nigel Hodgson said: “We’ve got to work and plan together to ensure we make the job as safe, efficient and effective as possible. Working with Mobile Mini has been fantastic; from a number of site visits to changing dates due to external influences, the team have worked with us to make sure the whole project ran smoothly.

“Health and safety is paramount to us, so working with a company that puts it above everything else is key. What impresses me about Mobile Mini is the detail the team goes to when it comes to safety – cameras around the wagons and bottom lifting in particular. Especially when working in compact sites like this with complex lifting, small safety considerations can make a huge difference and I’m always confident in the knowledge that Mobile Mini has thought of everything.”

Paul Abbott, West Yorkshire branch manager for Mobile Mini, said: “Stacking units means we’re able to get a better footprint for a site, allowing for more and better facilities for the teams using them that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. In this particular case, stacking has given the teams working overnight a separate space to meet, eat and change without getting in the way of the offices or potentially important meetings.

“When working on a lifting operation, there’s a lot that goes into it. First of all, ensuring that the units are compatible – testing them in our yard before taking them to the client. Then working with our clients to develop a sensible plan for their site, taking into consideration the ground, height and any obstacles such as cables.

“We’ve got the best equipment, fleet of vehicles and operatives who are all highly trained to carry out any job – simple or complex – so we are confident that we are able to meet the needs of any client across the country.”


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