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Boomtown Fair was launched in 2009, growing from 1,000 attendees in Chapter (year) one, to over 66,000 today. The fair comprises four main areas, celebrating a diverse line-up of global music from folk and jazz to ska, techno and reggae, as well as focusing on immersive art, theatre and performance.

The independent festival is held on the Matterley Estate in the South Downs National Park and, due to its rural location and proximity of neighbours, the team behind the event are always keen to minimise the lasting impact on the local area, as well as cause as little disruption to the local community as possible. That’s where Mobile Mini comes in.


As thousands of festival-goers descend on the site each August, they don’t realise that over five months, over 150 Mobile Mini storage and accommodation units had been meticulously planned, prepared and delivered. All have a dedicated purpose, from forming the impressive ‘arenas’ and providing a safe place for the team to be housed, to securely storing equipment – from tools and technical equipment to props.

Such a large event has a long run-up, with draft specifications sent in March. Throughout the process, the Boomtown team works closely with our head office to discuss changes, updates and site requirements. While in the early stages of our six-year working relationship site visits were needed, our teams now know the site well enough that this is no longer necessary.

One contact at head office is responsible for all elements of the event planning, from raising contracts and orders, passing all the information to the branch and liaising with the event team. By having one point of contact, we can ensure we can provide the correct arrangements of units when they are required. And what an arrangement of units! This year we provided 123 storage containers, ranging from 10ft to 20ft, and 46 accommodation units of mixed sizes.

Matt Tooth, deputy site manager at Boomtown Fair explains: “Having only one site for the event means we must be organised in what we need and how Mobile Mini can source it, ensuring availability and pooling units from other branches to facilitate what we need on the ground.

“Our need for units has increased dramatically over the years as the fair has grown, but Mobile Mini has supported us throughout and never let us down, always ensuring units are delivered promptly and event assisting us by providing on-the-ground personnel which is invaluable to the show.”

Due to the timescale available to get units on and off-site, a member of the Mobile Mini team is based at the festival site during the preceding eight weeks and the following couple of weeks. This key link between our head office and branch to the show not only saves time when things change but also gives the flexibility for both parties to adapt quickly due to the in-depth knowledge of both the requirements and site.


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