Triple Stack Installation

Site Accommodation


When a customer needed site accommodation facilities for their construction workers in a busy part of Shoreditch, East London, they knew exactly who to call. About to embark on a two-year project, to transform a derelict building into a hotel, in an urban area, where space was limited, a solution was needed. After thorough consultation and considerations, a plan of action was put into place.


As soon as we were given the project, we took all the stress of planning and organisation away from the customer.

As experts in our field, our planning and Health & Safety teams consulted with the customer to devise a plan to deliver exactly what our customer wanted in a safe and timely manner.

The result of the plan was that six of our units were triple-stacked, on a gantry, in a narrow street. Hard work, consultation and preparation, made a very complex installation easy, with a very imposing and impressive result.

Triple stack

Click here to watch the installation in action from start to finish.


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