Chemical Toilets

Our chemical toilets are the perfect solution in locations and situations where toilet welfare facilities are needed and there is no mains water, drainage or electricity available.

For building site use, these toilets are considered adequate by the HSE (BS6465– 1:2006 ) at a ratio of one toilet per seven people.

This is based on an average 40 hour working week on site.

Whether you simply need one chemical toilet unit or a collection of toilets for a larger site, we can help.

Your toilet can also be placed on a service plan, tailored to suit your usage, keeping your facilities in good order for your workforce.

What do our toilets offer?

  • Translucent roofs to allow ample daylight
  • Venting stacks to minimise unpleasant odours
  • Complete with hand wash sink in either cold water or hot wash option
  • Arrive with complimentary soap, hand towels and toilet paper
  • Tailored service plan

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss your particular portable chemical toilet hire requirements, then please drop us a line to request a quote.