Choosing Mobile Mini For Emergency Security Offices

This current global pandemic has caused chaos in the economy – with many businesses having to close their doors. Naturally, when stores are closed, the stock inside them can be subject to theft and the building itself can be vandalised or damaged.

Security measures to prevent this include CCTV and shutters – but many businesses have far larger premises that are impossible to properly protect without onsite security. From motoring dealerships to industrial stock yards, a security presence on site is often the most effective deterrent to thieves and vandals.

However, the majority of businesses don’t need a full-time security office as they are generally manned. In times of crisis such as these, where these businesses are forced to close, the benefits of having a mobile security office that can be deployed on site are many.

With our portable offices, you can quickly set-up a station for security personnel to operate out of that enables them to self-isolate behind thick steel walls whilst enjoying the amenities of an office space due to our extensive conversions.

Our site offices are offered with lighting and electrics which enable the usage of your own security electronic systems such as CCTV systems and alarms etc. We can also offer custom configurations to suit your needs. Each unit can be offered in a variety of sizes – so sites that require a compact solution can choose a 10ft x 8ft option for a compact security office. All of our units are equipped with energy saving measures such as double-glazed windows, A+ LED lighting and timer controlled heating – meaning you can keep security personnel comfortable and also remain cost-efficient on energy costs.

You can never plan for an unprecedented crisis, but you can plan your reaction. Our container security offices enable a company to quickly add a durable security office that can safely house personnel and keep your site safe. The perfect deterrent for thieves and a cost-efficient way to handle security whilst your business is not operating as usual.

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