Christmas Storage Solutions

While the standard homeowner has a loft or shed stocked full with Christmas decorations that come out once a year, facilities managers know the burden of the festive season on their space. Schools, offices, parks and other public places generally go ‘all out’ at Christmas to delight spectators or even increase visits. However, with all of the additional decorations and equipment, you’ll need far more space than a traditional loft…

Take, for example, a city council’s Christmas decorations – which include large outdoor trees, lighting and enormous decorations. All of these things must be stored safely and securely, or they will get damaged and be rendered useless in next year’s event. When cost is an issue, that level of waste is unacceptable. In the North East of England alone, councils spent £498,944 on Christmas decorations in 2017/18. Of that, Newcastle City Council spent a staggering £150,293 to light up the city. With these sort of costs in mind, it’s only sensible therefore that all FM’s take the concept of safely storing Christmas decorations seriously.

Storage containers provide watertight storage that completely prevents weather ingress, keeping contents dry (essential when dealing with electronics) and perhaps most importantly keeps them secure against theft and vandalism. When the costs of equipment are so high, it’s imperative that you can secure your decorations and keep them safe for an entire year at a time – without having to regularly check on them.

With Mobile Mini’s storage containers, you’ll be protected against theft and the weather with a hassle-free solution. Store your excess decorations, lock the container and you’ll only need periodic checks to ensure everything is as it should be. Better yet, the containers are available in a wide range of sizes and can easily accommodate a whole site’s worth of decorations. By hiring a storage container, you are essentially freeing up space elsewhere for more accessible storage space – useful in buildings where storage is at a premium.

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to invest in a storage solution that keeps expensive decorations safe, secure and dry throughout the year – meaning they’ll be in great condition the next time the festive season comes around. Please call us on 08082317930.