Coffee and Containers: The Perfect Blend

Though Nestle had a practical need for one of our containers, that didn’t stop them from getting creative.

After seeing we were able to customise our units in the corporate colours of our customer British Gas, Nestle were impressed and contacted Mobile Mini to purchase a 20ft storage container.

The container is to be used as a store for waste electrical equipment at their factory in Burton on Trent.  However, not one to lose an opportunity to be creative, they wanted the container to be designed to look like a coffee can of one of their famous brands Nescafe.

Mobile Mini prepped the unit and our painters did the initial paintwork before Nescafe sent their agency to apply the transfer to cover the container.

We think it looks fab and is yet another great example of how storage containers can be used in creative ways.

Maybe you have some inspiration of your own and just require the unit to do it, if this is the case then drop us a line, we’d be happy to help.