Considerations when Planning a Home Renovation

While planning a home renovation could be some people’s dream, the process of actually renovating a property can be more of a nightmare. Home renovations are among the most stressful things you can do, especially if you’re undertaking a particularly large renovation project.

For this reason, it is vitally important you plan and prepare your renovation project as best as you can. This will help you avoid disaster and take a big step towards making the house of your dreams a reality.

One key consideration is storage for your furniture and other belongings. Browsing furniture catalogues for beds, soft furnishings, light fixtures, flooring and all the elements that go into making your perfect home is fun and exciting, but realistically, you won’t be replacing all of your furniture, no matter how extensive your renovation project is. This raises the need for temporary storage for furniture you plan to keep.

Often, people try to renovate ‘room to room’- where you move furniture out of a room, renovate that room, and then move it back while you renovate other rooms. While this does work, it tends to slow down the renovation project and makes for a lot of heavy lifting and moving. It also leaves your furniture open to the risk of damage if it is still in the house while renovation works take place.

Instead of renovating room to room, you should consider alternative storage options. Perhaps you – or a friend or family member – has a large garage / loft / spare room you could use? If not, a purpose-built self-storage facility can be extremely useful. Many offer excellent rates, especially on short term contracts. Mobile Mini have a number of locations across the country offering self-storage.

A particular drawback to storage facilities is the potential for lots of travelling back and forth. One surprisingly cost-effective and better option may be a temporary storage container. Storage containers can be delivered direct to your door and kept on your driveway, meaning you know where everything is and for access to your belongings you only need to step outside your house. With a container on your doorstep, you can safely store your belongings, and the flexible interiors of containers mean that shelves and racks can be added, giving extra flexibility for your storage needs.

If you’re planning a home renovation and think that a storage container would help you to store your belongings easily and more securely, contact us for a quote today.