Here to help

In these ever-changing and worrying times, it’s understandable that your needs may change multiple times – and often overnight.

At Mobile Mini, we know that companies across all industries and of all sizes are keen to keep ‘business as usual’, for as much and as long as possible, so we’re here to help.

As we always say, the health, safety and protection of our colleagues, customers and sites is top of our agenda, and during this pandemic that does not change.

We are putting procedures in place to ensure as much distancing as possible throughout the preparation, delivery and support of your orders with us, but you might need to also bear with us.

To help your business carry on as normal, here are just a few things we can do.


Additional washing space

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we don’t think there’s been a wall out there that hasn’t displayed a poster reminding us to ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ or explaining the best method for hand washing.

If you’re worried about the size or lack of hand washing facilities you have on site for your teams to maintain, we can support with a Chemiloo hot wash facility, helping your team stay squeaky clean.


Larger locker areas

The buzzwords of the moment are definitely ‘isolating’ and ‘distancing’ which, for those who need to remain on site, is not always easy.

The locker room is where your team start and end their shift together, with people changing, storing items in lockers and either preparing for or catching up on the day. Under new government guidelines, reducing social contact is important, so why not add another locker and drying room or two to site to keep your team as safe as possible?


More offices

No matter how much people moan about it, the office can be a fun and lively place. But in an attempt to reduce cost, many site offices can be packed with employees taking up each available surface that will fit their laptops – not great during times of social isolation.

The good news is that our portable accommodation can be double and even triple-stacked, meaning that adding more offices doesn’t mean increasing your site footprint, but does increase your ability to keep staff the recommended 6ft apart.


Secure storage

In the event the country does go into lockdown, it’s worth being prepared.

Our secure storage containers are available in a range of sizes and are completely weatherproof, so your equipment, tools and important documents can be kept totally safe if you need to leave site for an extended period of time, but don’t want to transport everything elsewhere.


We want to do all we can to help the country moving, and don’t forget our Community Involvement Programme for charitable organisations that need additional storage.

If we can help you, please get in touch with our team on 0330 066 9946 or