Why we are still trading

Mobile Mini are an essential infrastructure and logistics business, dealing with healthcare, local and national government and as such we must continue to trade. We are liaising with our customers daily to make sure that we can supply the products they require during this challenging time. Extensive measures have been put in place to protect our staff and customers, including distancing and additional cleaning regimes. All of our staff who can work from home are now doing just that

What measures are Mobile Mini taking to maximise the cleanliness of our vehicles and units?
The vehicles at each site are deep cleaned and all drivers are supplied with hand sanitiser. They have been assessed and would have no risks going into infected sites.
Considering recent Govt guidance, we have also put in place additional precautionary measures for cleaning of surfaces within our units; Any units going out on hire or being returned for hire will have additional sanitisation of all surface areas which are touched (i.e. door handles, cupboard handles, heater switches etc).

The nature of our normal operations means our staff on site are generally in segregated areas delivering and collecting units so would not be near the workforce.

Once we receive a unit back from hire, we have taken extra precautionary measures to put the unit to one side for 72 hours – clearly identifying the date it was put aside and the date. After this point, the unit will be moved and worked on or put back in our ready lines. According to the scientific experts, the virus can live on surfaces for a maximum of 72 hours so we have allowed that extra time to provide adequate precautions.

During the hire period, cleaning the units is at the responsibility of the customer and subject to our standard terms and conditions. If there is no evidence of COVID19 then normal cleaning would generally be sufficient. We would advise you follow the latest government guidelines and ensure you have undertaken your own on site assessment.

What we expect from you during this period

– Can we remind all customers that whilst we are operating we expect customers to respect their safety and maintain a minimum 2 meter distance from our drivers at all times. We appreciate customers offering help but this needs to be within the drivers control.

– Drivers will be signing for the completed jobs themselves and not asking customers to physically sign their PDAs. Driver will ask the customers name and fill in the details.

– Drivers will not be handing over paperwork on site – RAMS, chain certs, cpcs cards etc. If these are required for your job, these need to be emailed through to us wherever possible in advance.

Given the current global issues we need to implement some additional safety and cleanliness measures to ensure the safety of our staff, contractors and clients. Does Mobile Mini have any recommendations/measures for customers regarding this? Does Mobile Mini have the facility to attend and deep clean the cabins ready for us starting?

Mobile Mini would not attend site to deep clean cabins. Specialist cleaning companies may need to be contracted in if there was evidence of COVID19. However, we may be able to provide details of specialist companies should you require this.

What measures are we taking to minimize exposure of Mobile Mini employees and branch teams?
The UK branches are operating on a skeleton staff and rotational basis and all staff who are able to, are working from home and set up with appropriate technology. All our branches have access to clean water and soap for maintaining hygiene routines in the branches and hand sanitizer is available in all locations, including our Support Centre. We have hand sanitizer stations at the entry to our Support Centre and branches and it is compulsory for all visitors to use it.
We have conducted Coronavirus toolbox talks across all UK locations, reaching out to all employees. The toolbox talks were based on the latest government legislation and WHO advice. As well as ensuring that our locations are briefed and supplied with access to hand sanitizer, we are also ensuring that our supply chain network are prudent in their approach.

Where possible employees are working from home and additional safety measures have been put in place to support those in front line roles (drivers, yard staff). All non essential staff have the means to communicate remotely through Zoom video-calling and Skype.
All staff training is postponed until further notice and we are limiting the amount of ‘non-essential’ visitors to our support centre and branch network.

All branches have a cleaning register which is completed daily, and we have identified local cleaning companies to provide a deep clean and full sanitisation in the event of an outbreak in one of our locations. We have also significantly increased the cleaning regimes across our network, in accordance with advice provided.

How can I get in touch with Mobile Mini?
All branches are contactable here. In the event of any closure of our offices, most staff have the means to communicate remotely through Zoom video-calling and Skype and can be contactable on their mobile phone numbers or email. Any questions can also be directed to the Livechat function on our website.

Customer notifications of new site procedures or virus outbreaks
We would kindly ask all customers to notify us of any new site procedures that you have put in place for the mitigation of any corona virus spread.
As a matter of urgency, if you have any outbreaks of the virus on your site, please alert us as early as possible. We can then arrange for additional deep cleaning measures of the units at the point of off hire.

What happens if i need to close my site? Can you suspend the hire?
If you need to close any of your sites, Mobile Mini will arrange for your unit(s) to be offhired and collected. We will not suspend the hire of the unit(s).

What happens if we close a branch?
Mobile Mini UK Ltd operates through 16 UK depots. In the event of the major incident affecting any one depot, all business operations will be immediately transferred to the closest alternative depot.
All our staff members have been briefed on the contingency plans and been advised how to keep up their hygiene routines. If any of our branches become susceptible to the virus, then the branch would be shut down to allow for a deep clean to take place. Sufficient spare capacity exists within our branch network such that the operations of any branch can be accommodated elsewhere within the company.
Our business information system, SAP and our email systems are hosted by our parent company in the US and all business-critical information are backed up daily and back-ups stored off-site in the US. Our operational, finance and administrative staff can access SAP and email from any location. All other IT systems are maintained in the UK and backed up data stored off-site.