Creating Remote, Redeployable Mobile Testing Facilities

At Mobile Mini, our durable storage containers help businesses across the country access additional storage space and heightened security. However, we also produce a range of site accommodation options constructed from the shell of containers such as canteens and offices. These facilities are compact, comfortable and most importantly, totally secure.

During the current Coronavirus outbreak, healthcare facilities across the country are being overwhelmed by demand. Whether it’s additional storage for supplies, increased patients who must be treated or even the need for a bespoke new isolation area, there simply isn’t enough time to construct the infrastructure we need.

Our containers are the perfect solution – providing site managers with a host of options:

Secure Dispensary/Reception: By providing a container that has a hatch window, you can protect employees and allow the public to interact without the possibility of interaction. This helps maintain social distancing whilst providing what the public needs. It is also a secure way to help keep supplies safe.

Segregated staff areas: If you want to separate teams to reduce the risk of infection, create new canteen areas or separate staff facilities with our site accommodation solutions. This can help keep key teams apart and ensure no risk of transmission.

Protection and Isolation rooms: If you’re handling patients or visitors who are suspected of having the disease, protection and isolation rooms can help stem the potential damage of transmission. Again, our durable steel container accommodation is the ideal choice – with adequate ventilation and windows they are comfortable and safe.

Testing centres: The rapid increase in cases of COVID-19 has meant a further call for testing – especially of frontline workers. However, having a facility in which to test patients and minimise risk of transmission elsewhere is not as simple. Create a testing centre anywhere on your site by deploying one of our containers and keeping all testing operations in one place.

Secure stockpiling: Have an influx of new products that must be housed away from key areas to support employees on site? Our storage containers are a cost-efficient option for overflow storage that can be rented as needed and returned once stock levels return to normal.

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