Day in the Life of graduate operations manager, Jack Brown

After joining Mobile Mini last year, we asked Jack Brown, graduate operations manager in our East Midlands branch, to tell us what he gets up to in an average day!



After I get up, the first thing I do is go downstairs and turn the kettle on for my morning brew. Then I make my breakfast – usually porridge – let the dogs out and check my work phone for any missed calls.


Once I’m ready I’ll set off for work – it can take anything from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, so I like to leave plenty of time.



If I’m first in, I’ll switch everyone’s computer on as it helps speed things up in the morning, and make everyone a drink. After this I touch base with the foreman, check my emails and see what’s on today’s to-do list.


With the nature of the business, no two days are the same. I could come to work and have a lorry broken down and therefore will have to work with dispatch to find a solution or I may have someone who is off sick and will seek the best way to limit the impact on operations.



Mid-morning, I’ll do a yard walk, talk to the staff out there and take note of any issues or problems.


After that I’ll spend some time processing any purchase orders. I keep a constant eye on my emails to see if we have to transfer any units or have complex orders to fulfil.


I also keep a regular check on where we are with current orders, making sure that items are being correctly added so the client gets exactly what they need.



I’ll have my lunch at my desk, and use the time to deal with any issues that may have arisen in the yard or the office.


I spend a lot of my day between the two, as it’s impossible to understand what is going on in and around the branch from your desk. It’s vital to stretch those legs and get a feel as to what’s going on.

In fact, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job – I love meeting and getting to know the team, they are key to the success of the business. I’d particularly like to see more of the HGV drivers, as I’m aware that this can be a lonely job.



Usually by this time any purchase orders raised by the office will come to me and so I’ll look through and release them. After this I’ll go out in the yard to see how the foreman is getting on and if he has anything he wants to share with me.


Depending on how much I have on I will do some tidying, sweeping, make sure the toilets have enough supplies – I really enjoy getting stuck in!



I’ll have my pre-going-home cuppa and do any other ad-hoc work that may need dealing with, such as sorting the conference room for a meeting, researching toolbox talks or preparing presentations.


I joined Mobile Mini in October 2019, and being new to the industry there are lots of areas that I am still learning – so it’s been pretty full on!



I finish work at five, and head home. Sometimes I’ll do a little bit of work at home, as I don’t have any distractions.


Otherwise, I’ll go to the gym, or read a book, and I’m looking forward to the Summer as I’ll often go sailing when the weather gets warmer.



Before I go to bed, I watch the news to catch up on the day’s current affairs; call me old fashioned but I feel it is important to understand what is going on in the world.


After that, it’s bedtime. I don’t have any special routine or rituals – my head hits the pillow and I’m out for the count, ready to wake up and see what the next day brings.