A Day in the Life of a Mobile Mini Fitter

Name: Steve Bate

Occupation: Mobile Fitter

Location: Liverpool

With portable containers flying out of our doors each day, one of Mobile Mini’s most crucial roles is that of a Mobile Fitter. In this blog post we take a look at a day in the life of Steve Bate, one of our highly experienced Mobile Fitters.

As a Mobile Fitter for Liverpool, Steve ensures any customer service requests or repairs are carried out. No day is ever the same, but here we take a look at one of his particularly busy days out on the road…. 

IMG_07897AM to 10AM

I arrive at the depot and check my pigeon hole, which Sue in the office has filled with emails/jobs.

After prioritising customer requests and planning my route of visits for the day, I go to the stores and ensure my service van is fully kitted out with everything I will need e.g. heaters, bulbs, screws.

I call our first customer, Pets at Home in Salford, to let them know I’m on my way – but first I run through their request with them to make sure that I have everything I need.

10AM to 1PM

The customer has a problem with the door of a unit not locking properly. I make the necessary repairs before calling the next customer on my list to go over their requirements and to let them know I’m on my way. 

1PM to 3PM

After completing another two jobs, both the van and I need refuelling. I stop off at a garage, fill up the van and grab a sandwich.  Then it’s on to Liverpool Docks to service a welfare unit being used by a film crew.

3PM to 5:30PM

10 miles back on the road after servicing the welfare unit and I get a call to go back as the customer believes the water tank is leaking. I’m pretty sure I know what the problem is, so head back over and manage to solve the issue straight away.

I complete one last job before heading back to the depot to empty the van of broken kit, putting anything that can be recycled in the correct skips.

Finally, I put all the paperwork from jobs completed in my out tray.


Clock off – 720 miles down this week and it’s only Wednesday!