Stuart Ainsley

Stuart Ainsley
Operations Manager

Q & A

How did you did you come to work in your current role?

I started out as a Yard Operative at our Manningtree branch prepping units so that they were ready to go out on delivery. After a couple of years I was promoted to Internal Sales Executive at the branch, three years after that I was promoted to Regional Account Manager covering the Manningtree and London areas and two years after that I was promoted to Operations Manager of our London branch.

What training and support have you received whilst working at Mobile Mini?

The knowledge I have gained and the training and support that I have received during all my roles at the company, I believe has helped me understand most roles within a branch, which in turn helps my job as Operations Manager. From harness training, to management training with sales training squeezed in the middle.

What skills have you acquired and how have you transferred these between your different roles?

I have been lucky to be trained in all my roles so have a good understanding of all Mobile Mini’s products and procedures, which I believe not only helps me but others in the company when they ask for help – I ‘should’ know the answers.

What do you like most about working here?

I really enjoy how busy we are, from the minute I walk in to the minute I leave its non-stop, I drive home at night with great satisfaction that I’ve made a difference and contributed to Mobile Mini’s operations.

What has been your most memorable day at Mobile Mini?

I once did a site visit right in the centre of London, where the customer wanted units delivered to a courtyard in a building that was 8 storeys high. I parked my car in a underground car park using a car lift (I thought I was in a bond film) then proceeded to be shown around the building and ended up on the roof with amazing views (I of course ensured that the correct health and safety procedures were put in place when the units were delivered!).

How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Stressed, Old (though I prefer mature as I’m only 27!) and they call me Victor Meldrew! Harsh but fair I guess.