Don’t treat ’em mean, keep them clean!

At Mobile Mini, we’re big advocates of looking after the things which are important to us.

Be it our customers, employees or containers, we believe in the importance of looking after people and things correctly, offering the care and respect they deserve.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share our top tips on how we ensure all our containers are kept clean and safe, resulting in long-term relationships – which let’s face it – is what it’s all about!

Beauty starts from the inside…

The first thing we ensure with all our containers is they are kept dust and dirt free on the inside. After all, they do say how you feel on the inside can reflect how you look on the outside! All our containers are regularly swept, using a strong bristled broom, working from the back end of the container. If the need arises for an extra special clean, we get the pressure washers out. It’s vital we pay special attention to the corners and seams of our containers and we also keep an eye open for any signs of excessive wear in the floor.

And shines on the outside

After the inside is gleaming, we get to work cleaning the outside. We give our containers the thorough clean they deserve, starting at the top and working our way down to the bottom. While cleaning our containers, we’re able to look for any flaking paint or small rust spots that may become exposed during the process. We also make sure to periodically check the inside of each container for any new water that may have been sprayed inside, as this could be a sign of a small hole or rust area that needs our attention.

A full body search is vital

Once we’re satisfied with the cleanliness of our containers, the next thing we do is inspect both the inside and outside of each one for signs of rust or corrosion. Safety is our highest priority and we aim to be the safest company in our industry. It goes without saying a build-up of rust and corrosion in any container, is not a sign of safe practice. If rust or corrosion is found in a container, we address the situation straight away. For smaller holes, we remove as much of the affected area as possible by using a wire brush, if rust removal creates a small hole, a patch test is done to ensure the container remains watertight.  Larger holes need more attention and for these, we weld a new piece of steel over the hole.

Adding the finishing touches

Once we’ve fixed any signs of rust or corrosion, we go over the shipping container with a shotblaster attacking any spots where the paint is peeling, flaking, or showing signs of wear. The specialised shipping container paint we use is of the highest quality, long-lasting and prevents corrosion. Because of the quality of the paint we use and the attention we take to shotblast the units beforehand, most of our off-hired units do not always require repainting.  All of our containers are primed first. The primer coat helps give it a stronger seal and base to prevent any moisture or corrosion in the future. Finally, after the primer coat is dry, we apply a thick, exterior paint to the inside and outside of our storage containers, leaving them looking as good as new and ready for their next job!