Double your storage and allow your business to grow – How we can help your retail business.

Storage containers can be a simple and cost-effective way to give retailers the extra space you need.  Are you a retailer facing these common problems?

  •  Struggling for storage space which means you can’t add new product ranges?
  • Would like to order in bulk to save money but have nowhere to store it?
  • Need to hold more stock to meet customer demand but running out of space?
  • Your stock is taking over your retail space resulting in a cluttered showroom?

Mobile Mini has the answer:

  • Place a storage container behind your shop to store your new products.
  • Your customer will benefit from an increased product range to choose from.
  • Store your out of season goods in a storage container, giving you more space in-store to display in season products.
  • Use a storage container for your clearance stock, bring it back in-store when sale season commences.

Safe, secure and easy to access

Our storage containers are fitted with our unique Tri-Cam locking system, giving you peace of mind that your valuable goods are safe and secure. All containers are weatherproof, keeping everything inside dry and in the same condition.

We will deliver the container to your site, position it wherever you want it, and collect it when you are finished.