Supporting you through the return to work, school and shopping

As businesses prepare to head back into the office, schools welcome back children and retailers re-open their doors, changes will need to be made to ensure staff, customers and children can safely social distance.


Many will be dreading the upcoming clear out – where to put extra furniture, how to manoeuvre desks to stay 2m apart in a space that simply isn’t big enough or designed to be so, how much extra equipment will need to be disposed of. Now, what if we told you we had the solution to your problems?


Containers can provide the extra space you need to ensure your return to normality (or as close as we can get at this time) goes as smoothly as possible.


With social distance measures and the 2m rule likely to be encouraged for the foreseeable future, the pre-lockdown layout of most schools, workplaces and shops simply won’t fit the bill.


For schools and office blocks, finding enough space to house desks, chairs and other general equipment is likely to prove tricky. To allow staff and children to keep a safe social distance, workstations will need to be reduced and placed well apart.


But that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of them for good – simply stack your furniture up and pop it in a container, ready to be used again when we can all move a little closer to each other. Units are secure and completely weatherproof, so you can guarantee there’ll be no damage to your goods.


If there’s still not enough space to socially distance, accommodation units are a great office or classroom alternative. These temporary structures are plumbed, have working heating and electricity, and will be delivered to your car park or playground – all you need to do is get to work!


To keep students as far apart as necessary, schools will be utilising every bit of space they have, from the canteen and staff room to the sports hall. A container can provide ideal storage space for bats, balls and any other PE equipment which can’t be kept in its usual place. Units are easily accessible, meaning teachers can quickly grab what they need and get on with the job at hand. What’s more, due to the nature of containers, any industrial sanitising or cleaning of equipment can be done within the metal box with no harm caused to the material.


Many retailers, especially those who haven’t been able to operate online, will be facing a drastic build up of stock. Storage containers are fully secure, making them the perfect place to store overflow sizes and old products that you haven’t been able to shift. They also provide a separate space to quarantine returned or clothes that have been tried on.


So, as the nation gets back to business, there’s no need to panic about getting rid of equipment, throwing away perfectly good stock and finding room to store desks. Simply lock it away in a container and it will be ready and waiting to be used once again.


With Mobile Mini containers and accommodation units, you have a flexible, short-term solution, so as rules are lifted and you begin to edge closer to normality, the size and number of containers on your site can easily be reduced. Once they’re no longer needed, simply give us a call and we’ll take them away without leaving a trace.


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