Furniture Packs

To ensure our accommodation is as comfortable and practical as possible, we can also supply a wide range of furniture to hire or purchase. We have a range of standard furniture packs that have been designed to sit comfortably within each of our range of offices, drying rooms, canteens and other accommodation.

Furniture can be hired or purchased. If you would like to order your own bespoke furniture items that aren’t included within our furniture packs, please speak to one of our sales team.

At Mobile Mini we have a range of furniture to make your offices, canteens and changing rooms more comfortable and ready to operate in comfortably from day one.

Furniture items include:

  • Canteen table
  • polypropylene chairs
  • Desks
  • Operator chairs
  • Soft chairs
  • Filing cabinets

Our Furniture Packs

Office Furniture Packs


Drying Room Furniture Packs


Canteen Furniture Packs


More Additional Extras

At Mobile Mini we provide all the extras you need to have fully equipped portable accommodation and storage from day 1.

Do you need power remotely?

Our generators are the perfect solution to get your site accommodation up and running with power in just one call, regardless of the location.


Do you need toilet facilities?

Our chemical toilets are the perfect solution in locations and situations where toilet welfare facilities are needed and there is no mains water, drainage or electricity available.

Chemical Toilets

Do you need disabled toilet facilities?

Accessibility needn’t be an issue on your site with a portable chemical disabled toilet.

Disabled Toilets

Do you need showers on-site?

If you want to provide shower facilities for your workers and our regular shower units wouldn’t be suitable, then portable showering units are the solution for you.


Do you need additional accessories?

At Mobile Mini we have a range of additional accessories that can be either added to your units or on to your site as an additional extra.


Do you need to keep your site secure?

When setting up a new site you will often want to segregate areas of the site to provide extra security, improve site safety or demarcate the site perimeter. Anti-climb fencing is the ideal solution to this problem.


If there is anything that you need please contact us to discuss how we can help:

0808 250 1431