Fast and efficient security offices during lockdown

During the lockdown period, many businesses across the UK have been forced to close. Unsurprisingly, this also means that many buildings have been left empty and unmanned. For many businesses, who either house stock on site or have valuables that are prone to theft, they are faced with a difficult challenge. How do you protect your stock whilst adhering to social distancing rules?

Businesses that have stock yards, where valuables are on display 24/7, already know the answer to this: remote security offices that are manned by a single employee who can monitor the site. However, most other businesses would not ordinarily need a full-time security office.

The sudden ‘abandonment’ of workplaces and sites has now presented the need for remote security buildings that can be deployed quickly to protect your business. For some companies, this can be an unmanned storage container that keeps valuables safe with a robust all-steel design, whilst for others it’s a portable office that you can employ a security professional to man during lockdown.

So why should a business consider a portable container as a solution to their security problems?

Rapid Delivery

Unlike a more permanent structure which will require a lengthy construction process, our containers can be on your site in a matter of days. For periods of crisis such as this current lockdown and other future issues, a container offers an almost immediate solution for a site. Whether you need storage or a portable office unit, both can be delivered and configured rapidly to respond to demand.

Fully standalone

Our units can be customised to offer standalone power and plumbing where needed – making them ideal for security offices on remote sites that would otherwise have no access to mains or utility connections.

Extremely robust

Whether you’re housing valuable stock or creating a security station, our units are made from durable steel and are fully weathersealed, ensuring occupants and equipment remain dry and safe from the elements.

Secure and safe

Working with Mobile Mini means leveraging our years of experience and benefitting from our extensive health and safety practices. Discuss your project with us and we’ll provide the right unit for the job – protecting any employees who may occupy the unit, or in the case of a storage container, fitting it with the right security measures for your needs.

Easy Hire Terms and Collection

Many of us are not sure when this period will end – and any future crises will also pose the same level of uncertainty. By choosing to hire from Mobile Mini, you can select a hire period that suits the needs of your business and we can assure a simple collection process when business returns to normal. Hassle-free and cost-efficient.

If your business has been left empty because of lockdown and you need to house stock or security, contact Mobile Mini today.