Going for Gold

001210 FORS gold logo 2014We are delighted to be leading the way in our industry, having achieved Gold Level accreditation with Transport for London’s (TFL) Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) for the second year running.

The certificate is the highest available award from TFL, who state that “Silver and Gold FORS accredited companies are high-quality operators that are committed to becoming safer, greener and more efficient”.

Chris Watcham, Health & Safety Director for Mobile Mini comments, “We were introduced to FORS by one of our customers, and it was apparent that it was beneficial for us to join the scheme as none of our close competitors were making the change and commitment.

“Achieving Gold Level is really important to us, as it demonstrates our commitment to being the best at what we do for not only our customers, but for our staff and environment.

“We have held our Bronze accreditation for a number of years, having passed the assessment first time. We were able to achieve Silver Level, by putting all of our drivers on FORS Safe Urban Driving CPC training. Additionally, a colleague and I have become FORS practitioners through attending all of the relevant workshops.

“FORS courses have really made us stand back and look at our procedures. In particular, we are focused on the use of in-vehicle technology, fuel-efficient driving, SAFED training for drivers and an anti-idling campaign. We have now rolled out these procedures nationwide. As a result of careful driving, we have had no incidents from drivers, significantly cut our mileage, improved fuel efficiency by 12% and reduced our carbon emissions within our London HGV fleet.”

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