Going mobile during an office refurb or relocation

Every successful business at some point will have to face the inevitable decision: what do you do when either your office needs renovation or you need to move into a new space?

The upheaval for a business is every bit as dramatic as it is for the family that moves home – packing up hardware and essential business kit can be time consuming, difficult and also problematic.

If the office is being refurbished, or there is a tricky period in between leaving the old headquarters and moving into the new one, then key decisions need to be made about what gear the business needs as part of the day-to-day of its running and prosperity. Certainly, businesses in the nations capital are finding novel solutions as they re-brand or upgrade their business premises.

Nevertheless, both situations come with opportunities. Firstly, it’s essential that you make an inventory of all your stock. It’s a rare opportunity for a business to be able to do this, but it is essential to sit down and see what you have, and also necessary when getting any kind of quote for removal and storage of stock.

Better yet, it presents the chance to pare down your equipment and have a spring clean. If you’re starting in new premises or having a make over, you’ll still appreciate the extra space, be it paperwork and furniture or tools and equipment; storage is the best way to mothball fixtures, fitting or machinery if moving between two sites.

Storage also represents the most secure way too. It is estimated that £1m of plant is stolen from the construction industry each week,security should a critical concern to your business.

If the office is being refurbished and you can stay on-site, the simplest option, is to set up a mobile office. This avenue allows your business to continue running as usual; multi-purpose portable sites that can house your office and offer conveniences and security for your equipment  and is the best solution, and possibly the most economical in the long-run.

Having a mobile office is financially beneficial in maximising temporary space and cost, both in terms of logistics and convenience for staff. With the right planning, time management and commitment it can be made to work until your permanent office dreams are realised.  

About the author

This post was written by Matt Wilson on behalf of Walton Flooring Centre, Commercial Flooring specialists.