Groundhogs can take on the world

At Mobile Mini, we like to think we know it all when it comes to mobile site welfare.

As we’re always looking to increase and improve our ever-growing fleet of portable accommodation units, we recently invested £1m in our range of Groundhog mobile welfare units.

So, what is it about the Groundhog Units that grabs our interest?

One of the most valuable benefits of the industry-leading, energy-efficient, mobile welfare units, is the fact they can sustain you anywhere. We’re talking the desert, the moon, the jungle, even the top of the Pennines.

Don’t believe us, read on to see what we mean.

Purpose built for construction sites without water or electricity connections

Considering a construction trip in the desert but you don’t fancy working from a tent, using a torch at night and going to the bathroom in the great outdoors?

Chances are this isn’t on your to-do list, but if it was, the Groundhog GP360 Fusion Unit model features all the specifications needed to get you through.

The unit can sustain electricity and running water for the perfect working environment, no matter the location. The generator need only run for three hours for a full day’s work (think of the fuel savings!) so one tank of diesel will last at least three weeks!

There’s also no need to worry about the bathroom, with 2 x 20L Water Butts (Fresh & Waste), and a plastic recirculating toilet with ventilation pipe, the great outdoors isn’t required.


Powered by an on board 12v battery

There’s constantly talk about us living on the moon, but have you ever wondered how structures would be built and how power would be generated once up there?

NASA needs to make sure to get hold of a GP360 Fusion Unit, as they are powered by an on board 12v battery, meaning LED lights, heating, hot water and inverter sockets (for laptops and mobile phones) would be at their disposal. We’re not sure how the moon is for mobile signal, but at least there will be plenty of charge for taking space selfies!

Highly secure

If you’re workforce had a task in the jungle, among the wildlife and creepy crawlies, the high security features of the welfare units would be vital. You can make a quick getaway from the hungry wildlife as the unit is easily and securely deployed in just three minutes. However, with high security window shutters and a highly secure built-in lock mechanism with integral window and vent, you won’t have to worry about those stray tigers looking for lunch, or those pesky monkeys stealing your equipment.

If you’re not working so far away from home, it’s helpful to not have to worry about vandals or thieves too.


 All the amenities you could need

Is there a job that just can’t be done anywhere but at the top of the Pennines? Not likely, but if there was, you wouldn’t have to worry about your team starving or freezing with a Groundhog Unit. All Groundhog Mobile Welfare Units provide a welfare area comprising of a kitchen with microwave, kettle, sink, hot water, heavy duty floor covering, laminate worktop/table, and bench type seating with underside storage.

Your team can work away on the mountain top knowing they have a warm, safe area to return to, with all their home from home amenities to get them by. The units also offer an area to dry clothes and toilet with hot and cold wash basin, so there will be no need for soggy clothes or an unfortunate smelling workforce.


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