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In today’s blog, Chris Watcham, Director of HSE, Fleet and Facilities, shares how Mobile Mini has won recent accolades for safety, including achieving an enviable record of no major incidents for the past two years.


Giving employees the right skills to undertake their tasks safely requires an adequate amount of planning. At Mobile Mini, the vast majority of training is bespoke and delivered internally by dedicated trainers which allows the training to be very fluid and adaptable.

This approach has seen increased engagement levels from our frontline teams which has helped us continuously evolve our training which we believe has had a direct impact on improving our safety standards.


Within Mobile Mini, two-way communication and ‘ground up’ feedback is seen as a key cornerstone of a positive safety culture. The organisation moved from a quite prescriptive approach whereby the Safety Team circulated generic talks for branch teams to discuss to an approach where the teams at each location chose a subject for them to discuss which was meaningful for them at that time.

This resulted in a much wider adoption of branch safety talks which we believe positively influenced safety at each location. Our communication approach remains clear – make it relevant and it will work!

Team Discussion

Mobile Mini UK decide to take a different approach to investigations and put together a team of individuals from different departments to truly help understand what was happening when things didn’t go to plan. The ‘learning team’ challenged each other by asking the type of questions that a typical safety approach may have missed.

By adopting this approach, the improvements in trust and engagement were tangible and welcomed by frontline teams. This is something Mobile Mini is looking at even more closely and is a significant part of our 2022 strategy and commitment to learning.

Incident Reporting

2021 saw a sharp increase in the number of events input onto the organisation’s digital reporting system, following the introduction of a QR code reporting initiative. This new system meant individuals could report an event by simply scanning a code, with details then collated centrally. In addition to this enhanced system, there was a targeted campaign around hazard reporting, which was aimed at encouraging areas of concern to be reported pro-actively.

Since reviewing the data, it is clear that the increased quality and volume of reports has directly reduced the amount of incidents happening, with lower numbers remaining stable over-time.

About the author

Chris Watcham is Mobile Mini UK Director of HSE, Fleet and Facilities.  Overseeing safety operations across Mobile Mini’s 16 branches, Chris ensures the company exceeds Health and Safety standards, carrying out audits, launching software, delivering mental health training, volunteering for wellbeing initiatives and maintaining an enviable 24-month+ zero reportable accidents record. Chris is a proud ambassador for the Lighthouse Club Charity.

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