How GPC Group support our commitment to Health & Safety

Health and Safety





In our latest blog, we introduce Mobile Mini UK cleaning partners GPC Group and outline the impact partnering with experts in unique fields has on our ability to consolidate the best service and working environment possible.


Why GPC Group? 

GPC Group specialises in high-level cleaning and is an official distributor of SpaceVac International systems. The company is an ideal expert for environments like those seen at Mobile Mini, as the technology they possess ensures high-level areas are easily accessible up to 16 meters from ground level, ensuring optimal safety & dust removal. Solutions range from specialist high-level cleaning carried out by an in-house team to providing equipment for businesses to utilise themselves.

Check out our video below, illustrating the impact this investment in expert cleaning has on our approach to Health & Safety.


Partnerships and productivity

Mobile Mini ensures all partnerships the business embark on represent the best value and quality possible for the company, staff and customers. The decisions made on who to work with reflects on our business, making this an integral aspect for future success. We have worked hard to build a strong reputation for maintaining the highest standards and we hold all business partners to the same principles as the Golden Rules that we hold ourselves accountable to.

On working with Mobile Mini, Grant Phillips, Managing Director of GPC Group, said, “Our client base is diverse and ranges from education to blue-chip organisations. We started our relationship with Mobile Mini with a trial at the company Headquarters, which helped determine the solution that was needed. As well as removing dust, a large part of our focus is on air quality and making sure this is optimal for everyone on-site.

“Our partnership with Mobile Mini was built from understanding each other and outlining what we could do to improve previous results. The opportunity to work closely with a global company like Mobile Mini has been fantastic for us and has helped GPC Group get noticed in different spaces, for example, we now work with the NHS and Delfont Mackintosh Theatre group. We thoroughly enjoy providing services to Mobile Mini sites across the country and look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.”