Helping London firms in a tight spot

The iconic London skyline is set to change dramatically over the next decade.

With news that a whopping 13 skyscrapers are to be built by 2026, to meet the need for what City of London planners claim are an extra 100,000 office spaces over the next 30 years, construction is taking place at a spectacular rate.

The majority of these buildings, such as PLP Architecture’s 278m Twenty-Two tower, are being created in the City, or Square Mile, the 1.2-mile heart of London’s financial services sector demonstrating that London continues to be a hub for international trade.

Inspired by the popularity of 20 Fenchurch Street’s Sky Garden, six of the proposed skyscrapers will also feature free public viewing galleries, continuing a trend of allowing greater access to the wider community to buildings, art and culture.

With ground space at such a premium, architects are having to plan upwards (and downwards) rather than outwards – one of the developments, No 1 Undershaft, will become the tallest building in the City, rising to 309.6m when completed. This is the same height as The Shard, and the very maximum allowed.

Building in what is arguably one of the greatest cities in the world, and in such a built-up area, brings its own unique problems, which is where we come in. Our newly expanded, five-acre London branch is close by and on hand to provide storage containers and portable site accommodation units, facilitating projects around the City and beyond.

Due to their versatile nature, our site accommodation units and storage containers can be stacked on top of each other, saving on ground space. The design of Mobile Mini’s units mean they can easily be lifted by cranes and stacked and linked together, two or even three units high.

Additionally, our site accommodation units are ideal for supporting those working on construction sites. Office, canteen, meeting room, drying room, toilet and storage needs can all be provided, to create comfortable welfare facilities.

So, with Google hailing Britain as a ‘great home’ as it broke ground on its new £1billion London HQ, the city is ready to herald in a new age of construction and building – will you be joining in?

For further information on how the team at our London branch can help construction firms in a tight spot, call 01474 886950 or email