Holiday Home and Caravan Storage

The majority of UK caravan sites close permanently over the winter. If you own a holiday home, you’ll likely have already packed it up, emptied the water tanks and locked the doors – protecting your precious second home from the elements. However, as many sites are remote and only sparsely managed during winter, you may not want to leave any valuable equipment or tools in the caravan itself.

For touring caravans, you can often use caravan storage on site to keep your holiday home doubly secure. However, for static units, you face a challenge: how do you store the equipment you don’t want to remove from the site (gardening tools, outdoor cooking equipment etc) safely and securely?

Depending on size, a storage container unit may be the perfect solution. We can deliver a unit to your holiday home’s site and offer smaller sizes suitable for use on a plot. However, we can also deliver a unit to your home and you can simply transport the equipment to your unit to keep them safe all winter.

Storage containers offer full weatherproofing, so they can resist the heaviest rains and snowfall seen during winter. They are ideal for housing larger machinery such as grass cutters and generators – as they will keep the weather out and keep your valuable tools safe. Robust locking systems mean theft is not an issue, and adds a degree of additional peace of mind so you can return to site confident all your equipment will be safe and sound.

Better still, it means not having to store any outdoor equipment in your caravan so prevents any chance of your pride and joy getting dirty.

If you’re interested in safe, secure storage for your equipment ahead of your holiday home’s site closure, get in touch today. We can deliver to your site within 48hrs. Call 0808 231 0378 to find out more.