A new look for a new year

Are you starting the new decade with a new look for your hospitality business?


Maybe you’re planning a full renovation project, or simply looking to upcycle some of your furniture. Or it could just be that you’ve discovered that the Christmas decorations you’ve acquired over the years simply won’t fit back in the store cupboard.


Whatever your plans, you’re probably going to need more storage – and we’ve got the perfect solution.


Renovation innovation

If you’re having a full-on makeover, you’re going to have to put your furniture somewhere while you’re painting, decorating and refitting. Our storage containers come in a range of sizes, from a compact 10ft x 8ft unit to a more substantial 40ft x 8ft, so you can fit everything you need inside.


What’s more, they’re fully weatherproof and most feature our unique Tri-Cam locking system, so if your project takes longer than expected, you can rest assured that your stock is safe as, well, houses.


People power

If you are undertaking a major project, that’s going to mean more people. Builders, electricians, plumbers, decorators – they’re all going to need somewhere to stay and to keep all their stuff.

We offer a range of site accommodation, from offices to drying rooms, meaning you can give any contractors their very own home from home – and they won’t be under your feet while work is going on.


The upside of upcycling

You may not be planning a full-scale renovation, but there’s no reason you can’t give your venue a new look on a budget.


Unleash your creative vision in one of our containers, turning it into your very own upcycling studio, where you can reupholster your chairs and paint your tables in peace, without tainting your customers’ food (or clothes) with the smell of wet paint.


Seasonal storage

It’s not just the tree. Now that Christmas is out of the way for another year, you need to find somewhere to store the baubles, wreathes, lights and tinsel, not to mention any festive tableware and, of course, the tree.


You could stick it all in a cupboard (if you have one big enough), but what about Valentine’s day? Easter? Halloween?


A secure storage container could keep all your seasonal decorations safely in one place, freeing up room in your venue for when you really need it.


Whatever your storage issue, we have a range of products to help. And with our 48-hour turnaround promise on 20ft containers, you won’t have to wait long for your business’s perfect partner.