Hotel Storage Solutions during Renovation

When you’re planning redecoration or renovation of your hotel, there’s so much to consider – and even more to move. But what do you do when your hotel storage solutions don’t stretch far enough? Call in Mobile Mini.



From sledgehammers to plaster, hammers to paint rollers, there is so much equipment involved in renovations! But with nowhere to store these often cumbersome and dirty tools, you can find yourself with even more space out of action than planned.

Storage containers give you the freedom to keep as many rooms as possible available throughout your renovations by being installed externally – and where possible out of sight – keeping the unsightly building paraphernalia within easy reach for your contractors who can go about their work without disturbing your team.



You have many priceless items in your hotel, from furniture to artwork, and heaven only knows how many alarm clocks! Moving these from one room to another throughout restoration can be time consuming and potentially lead to irreparable damage or loss.

Our containers are not only safe and secure, but also totally weatherproof meaning those extra special details that may have taken a lifetime – or longer – to collect are completely protected. What’s more, we can fit our units with shelving to make room for as many items as possible and keep precious pieces out of harm’s way.



Having a full team of builders, electricians, plumbers, decorators and more on site can be exciting and add to the thrill of your project, but an influx of extra people alongside your current team and guests can put a huge strain on your site and resources (never mind your kitchen!).

With our range of accommodation units, drying rooms and welfare facilities your refurb team can have their own site offices, meeting space and facilities to relieve the strain on yours.



We’re all about Making It Easy and that means every step of the way for you. From getting a unit to you within 48 hours* and hassle-free site set up with no need for planning permission, to adding or removing the units as and when you need them. We know things can change quickly, so we’re here to change with you.

Being able to keep your venue open and operating is vital to ensuring its success and profitability, so don’t let anything stand in your way when we can easily solve it.


*selected units only, ask team for details