Industry Spotlight: Container Hotels

Whether you use them for business trips or as a place to rest your head on a fun expedition, hotels are a fundamental part of life away from home. As nice as the chain hotels are, after a while, they can all begin to look the same – this is the founding sentiment that has inspired a new wave of hoteliers to create something a little bit different.

We’re talking about hotels that are made from storage containers. Though we’re no stranger to the idea of renovating storage containers to become things like pop-up restaurants, coffee bars and shops, this new way of renovating the containers has seen two types of hotel-based projects arise: the portable and the conceptual.

Portable hotels

Ideal for festivals, sporting events, or for those working on location, the portable hotel provides the amenities you’d expect from your standard chain – with a brilliant twist. Some feature separate rooms, en suites, comfy beds and carpets – all within your own individual container.

Brought to you by the likes of Snoozebox, the portable hotel works just as a regular hotel would. The idea is if you’re running a large event, you can organise your accommodation to suit where you need to be, and Snoozebox will arrange it. This means there’ll be no more traipsing back and forth to the affordable, yet far away hotel when attending an event, or spending hours trying to get comfortable in a lumpy-bottomed tent – you can simply settle down in your custom-built storage container hotel. Quirky, yet comfortable!

Conceptual hotels

There has also been speculation in regards to a much bigger hotel design made from storage containers, said to be targeted towards luxury travellers. Although not in production at the minute, this concept could really take off, and would be quite a spectacle with a mass pile of stacked shipping containers – reconditioned inside to the highest standards.

Pop-up hotels

The pop-up hotel is another notion that seems to be on the horizon at the minute, with companies such as Sleeping Around taking this new concept by storm. Established hotel chains are also dipping into the market, with the likes of the Hoxton Hotel running competitions to stay in a Hoxton-themed Shoreditch storage container.

Whether it’s fixed, pop-up, moveable or not, the idea of creating hotel accommodation from recycled storage containers is a great one. As a solution to much-needed accommodation on the road, or an option for luxury travel, the flexibility of this style of hotel is something to be experienced.

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