Industry Spotlight: Councils

No one knows the stresses of delivering big results on heavily-restricted budgets, under the scrutiny of the public, quite like councils.

Storage containers are increasingly being used to solve problems that local authorities face across the UK and beyond, often in ways that you may find surprising. Due to the full range of services that councils have to provide, their uses for storage containers are truly inventive.

Flood and storm defences 

Sturdy and waterproof, storage containers are essential for repairs in coastal areas that have suffered damage from adverse weather, and not just as a place for workers to have a cup of tea! In Newquay, for example, five shipping containers full of rocks are providing much needed barriers while repairs are undertaken. Buried in the beach, they provide a temporary, yet durable, breakwater. Similar methods have also been used during repairs on the Dawlish railway line, with welded shipping containers creating a sea wall to protect homes and engineers.

Fire training 

Storage containers are being used by councils all around the world. For example, in Barrie, Ontario, there are plans to build a training site for fire fighters where storage containers are used to create controlled circumstances for practising extinguishing fires. It might not sound fun to be in one when it’s actually on fire, but if you consider the alternative of being in a burning building, it may be the safest option for training!


Saving the best until last, this is the big one – something that is really making a difference to people’s lives.  Renovated storage containers are increasingly being used as practical, low-cost solutions to the problems caused by the housing crisis.  Young people trying to get on to London’s property ladder can rent a compact storage container home for as little as £75 a week, whereas elsewhere storage containers are being used to provide housing  for those who would otherwise be homeless or living in hostel accommodation.

While they’re not quite as lavish as the massive Grand Designs-style projects, simple, affordable, yet comfortable homes of this style for those in need are one of the best uses we can think of for storage containers.  When properly renovated and cared for, they can provide a good standard of living at a low cost.  Bravo!

If you have any questions about the contents of today’s blog post, or you’d like to discuss the use of a storage container for council projects, please drop us an email or give us a call for more information.