Industry Spotlight: Education

Storage containers are used for all sorts of thing, including classrooms – whether it’s extending a large comprehensive in the UK, or providing a much-needed space for learning in developing areas around the world.

In the UK it’s no secret that schools are attempting to cut costs wherever possible – but with increasing numbers of students across the region, there’s only so long a school can go without needing to expand, creating more classrooms, bathrooms and facilities. For those schools which don’t have the budget for a full renovation, storage containers are a simple and affordable way to add extra space – and their quick installation means that often a school’s capacity can be increased over the space of one summer holiday. One such example is the impressive Cuffley School in North London, which built classrooms and music rooms totalling an extra 800sq ft. of space in just one day!

We’ve also seen larger projects, such as the Dunraven sports hall and gymnasium, which was constructed in three days. Looking at the exterior and interior photos of this build, it’s clear that the shipping containers used have created a simple, eco-friendly way to produce what would normally be a massive investment for any school to make – allowing the board to keep costs down without compromising the quality of facilities available to students.

Of course, there are also schools for whom the concept of “cutting back” is about more than producing a new gym on a budget. In South Africa, where access to education can sometimes be difficult depending on your location and the politics of the area, storage containers are used sparingly but to massive effect, creating a comfortable space where students can learn and concentrate on their studies. Samsung launched one of their own recently near Johannesburg, using a single container to create a computer lab. Similarly, architects working with Tsai Design Studio recently modified a recycled shipping container with solar shading and increased airflow to be used as a classroom for children under six years old.

Storage containers offer a huge amount of scope in the growing education industry, both in the UK and in the developing world. Modifications to storage containers can be made to improve heating, insulation, light, air flow and energy consumption, making them ideal as a quick, inexpensive installation.

If you have any questions about the contents of today’s blog post, or you’d like to discuss the use of a storage container for your school, please drop us an email or give us a call for more information.