Innovative Alternative Uses for Storage Containers

Due to their versatile nature, containers have been used for many different things over the years. From swimming pools to film sets, some of the interesting and alternative things people have used containers for may surprise you.


Because containers can be stacked, they make an effective wall or barrier. But what exactly could you hide behind a shipping container wall? How about a pirate ship? The set of the newest Pirates of the Caribbean film in Queensland was cleverly disguised as a construction site by producers to stop prying eyes.


While there have been many shops and retail buildings made from shipping containers , PUMA City is one-of-a-kind; the German brand’s store can be disassembled and transported to anywhere in the world. It is made from 24 shipping containers and has 3 floors totalling 11,000 square feet of retail space. Also featuring 2 balcony decks and a bar and café, PUMA City is a unique, exciting building which has travelled all over the world, from Stockholm to Boston.

Swimming Pools

Pools made from storage containers are growing in popularity, and though they are mostly seen in houses made from shipping containers, they can be bought on their own as above ground pools. Compared to the price of standard above-ground pools of the same length, a container pool could be up to 30% cheaper. Australian company Robust Pools are pioneers of the shipping container pool market, offering lots of different sizes and styles of pool.

Container Cafés

Pop-up cafés and restaurants, like Burger Bear are also becoming more popular, but it isn’t just small companies and self-run businesses utilising storage containers for their buildings – coffee giants Starbucks have several storage container cafés in America already. They are also looking to add to this number as part of their plan to be more eco-friendly.

A Farm in A Box

‘Growtainers’ are unique, interesting innovations. Made from shipping containers that have been specially insulated and equipped for climate control, they can be used to grow crops. A farm in a box is a great way to save space and money and can be any size from 10 to 40 feet. GreenTech Agro, the company who make them, have submitted the idea to the US Military, in order to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to troops in Afghanistan and other countries where growing fresh produce is hard.


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