My Internship at Mobile Mini

Meet Tim, a 17 year old Career Ready student, who joined  our finance team this summer.

Here we hear about how Tim found his six week internship at Mobile Mini:

“A student’s summer usually consists of sleeping in and dreading the inevitable return to full time education. It’s been a bit different for me.

Shortly after beginning my first year at Prior Pursglove College last September, I heard about an opportunity to join the Career Ready programme. A national charity that provides employment opportunities for young people, Career Ready was something that I was keen to grasp with both hands.

I had no experience of a working environment whatsoever and with my university application just around the corner, I was keen to bolster my personal statement. After undertaking a practical employment skills test and an interview process I was offered a six week internship with Mobile Mini as a finance intern.

Finance wasn’t something which particularly interested me as I progressed through the education system and as a result I was somewhat apprehensive about how enjoyable it would be.

However, it has been a thoroughly worthwhile experience. I have been constantly learning, whether that be about how invoices are processed or how a business operations system such as SAP is operated, every day I have been expanding my knowledge. The atmosphere is positive, encouraging and breeds motivation and as a result the six weeks have flown by.

My personal skills have come on leaps and bounds since I started on the 10th of July: I am much more confident when asking for help because I’ve realised that I am not actually expected to understand everything.

This internship has left me in a very strong position for someone aged 17 as a period of full time employment in an international company is not something that very many people have.

For this I would just like to say thank you. Words could never explain the gratitude I feel to everyone at Mobile Mini for giving me this chance, and I hope that one day I can repay the faith that you’ve placed in me”.

Photo caption:  Career Ready student Tim Sigsworth with Mobile Mini HR Director and Career Ready Board member Louise Arnold.