A Day in the Life of Internal Sales Representative Karis Nolan

Our sales team are an important part of the Mobile Mini family and take extra special care of our customers on every part of their journey. But what does a typical day look like?

We caught up with Karis Nolan, who works in our London branch, to find out.



I’ve always been a morning person so am used to an early wake-up call!

I like to jump-start the day with a trip to the gym, it always leaves me energised – and means I get my exercise out of the way first thing.


Karis on the Phone


It only takes around 20 minutes to drive to work so it’s a nice easy commute. I like to get in early so I can have a quiet breakfast here before everyone arrives.

When I get into the office the first thing, I always do is put the kettle on – I can’t function without a cup of tea! It’s what motivates me and sets me up for the rest of the day.

After a brew, I catch up on my emails, check in with the team and make sure we’re all up to speed with the latest customers, needs and sometimes even issues. Getting to know and understand the rest of the branch team helps me to understand the wider working of the operation, which in turn helps me to more accurately quote for clients.



No two days are the same, which is what I love about this job!

I’m responsible for all elements of sales, from prospecting to dealing with incoming enquiries, so I never know what I’ll come across from one day to the next. I’ve quoted for everything from furniture to JCB’s!

Looking at the ‘open opportunities’, I follow up on any leads I’ve spoken to previously, and make sure I follow reminders I’ve set myself when I know projects or client activities are coming up.

What we offer isn’t necessarily something a company needs immediately, but I want to be there and ready when they do.



Lunch time! My favourite part of the day!

I try to be healthy and bring food from home, but I have to admit I am notorious for snacking throughout the day! I tend to stay in the office and have a little down time over lunch, but will sometimes have a little walk to the shop or post office for a bit of fresh air.



Karis at her deskAfter lunch it’s back to finding solutions to accommodation and storage needs.

One of my favourite tasks is making calls to a huge variety of people from construction firms to charities and everything in between. The hugely diverse range of needs makes my job so interesting and sometimes can throw up some challenges – but who doesn’t enjoy those?

Calling customers is something I really enjoy, whether it’s a new sales call or checking up on a quote. I love getting to know people and building relationships, this really helps me to anticipate their needs and ensure they have everything they need – not only the units, but furniture and welfare facilities too.

I like to make sure I write up the quotes as soon as I have all the information – not only does it mean I can come up with the best solution, but the client gets the quote quickly which can make a huge difference. Plus, it breaks up the day!



When I get home, I relax by taking the dog for a walk – how long depends on the weather! Then settling onto the sofa to watch TV with a cuppa and some chocolate if I want to treat myself.



Every night before bed I make sure I do my full skincare routine – I love taking care of my skin, it gives me huge amounts of confidence which is so important in this role. I might spend most of my time in the office on the phone, but you always know when you’re speaking to someone who has confidence in themselves and the product they’re promoting.

It’s off to bed at 10pm for a rest before another day with an amazing team who I wouldn’t change for the world.