Layout Drawings

At Mobile Mini, we provide a variety of storage containers to suit our customers’ needs. Our storage facilities are available in a variety of sizes, along with the following added features:

  • Our storage containers benefit from swing cargo doors and hardwood floors.
  • For the best in safety and security, our containers are fully constructed from steel.
  • For storing files, we can also make the necessary storage alterations.
  • Should you require it, we can also install shelf space or racking, along with heating, lighting and power points.
  • To eliminate the effects of uneven ground, jacklegs can be used to improve stability.

Mobile Mini storage containers also feature the exclusive benefit of a premier door range. Easy to use, the doors have a simple single-lever action without compromising security.

Standard Storage Units for Hire

Accommodation Units for Hire

Our portable onsite accommodation facilities are available in 10ft, 20ft, 24ft and 32ft lengths and come in a variety of layouts combining, your office, canteen, drying room and welfare needs.

Toilet and Shower Units for Hire

Our Portable Toilet and Shower Units can be used to replace conventional facilities or can placed onsite to be used as a temporary facility for refurbishment or construction projects.

All units are:

  • Connected to mains waste drainage or supplied with a separate waste holding tank
  • All units are fitted with sinks to allow hand and full arm washing
  • Fitted with anti-frost heating, lighting and water heaters