Manufacturers, Do You Have a Brexit Battle Plan?

It’s safe to say the Brexit journey has been a long and complicated one. From when the vote took place back in June 2016 to now in November 2020, Brexit still isn’t quite yet  finalised, despite all the buzz that continues.

It is now common knowledge that under any deal or no-deal scenario reached by the end of 2020, new rules will come into place from January 2021.

So, what does this mean for the manufacturing industry?


Increased imports / exports

In the event of ‘No Deal,’ there would be an increase in import and export tariffs and prices for some manufacturing sectors, inevitably then impacting production. And even if a deal is agreed, there are likely to still be some changes. Due to these price increases, some manufacturers may then have to adjust their stock holding and  production.

They therefore may be wondering, ‘what can I do?’


Stock building

If possible, some manufacturers may choose to build stock levels so they have plenty of resource available ahead of the price increases. This would therefore postpone the impact of the higher import / export prices, allowing more time to adjust and prepare.

Wondering where to store all this extra stock? Storage containers provide the perfect solution, and are available in sizes from 8ft to 40ft, creating the just the right amount of secure storage space required.


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